Monday, March 30, 2009

Ducks Visit The Lazy Vegan!

Ducks in the pasture!

Today was the first time ever that ducks visited The Lazy Vegan...and landed in the donkey pasture! The only reason I knew that they were there is because I noticed Weegie looking very intently at something. So I rushed out with the camera just in time to see two ducks. At first I thought the one duck was a baby, but after looking at the photos realized it was a grown duck...but yesterday I saw what I thought were young geese flying, and what I now realize were young ducks flying. Anyway, the donkeys were very intrigued with the ducks and hope they come back for a visit soon!
After a brief visit, they flew off.

Luigi is a great pasture protector. Here he was staring at the ducks before I even knew they were there! Paco didn't really seem to notice.

After the exciting duck event, Weegie helped himself to some yummy grass.

The boys helped me clean up their pasture today, and for the first time since he was a wee donkey, I had to reprimand Paco! Paco kept trying to overturn the wheelbarrow and was successful twice. On his third try, I said NO and pinched his nose very quickly. He immediately backed off and looked a bit offended, but he didn't try to overturn the wheelbarrow again! Of course I felt bad that I pinched his adorable snout...but it was very quick and did the job!

Paco is quite pleased with his ability to overturn wheelbarrows.

At lunch time the boys were busy watching a tree trimming company at work!

I couldn't resist taking this photo of a bug on my BUG!

A white butterfly blends in.

Weegie waits for more ducks to come by.
Maybe the foreman should put in a big pond so we can attract the ducks and geese!

The boys investigate a bag containing one flake of hay. This is the most expensive way to purchase hay, but I am trying out different sources to see what they will eat.

Paco very nicely rolls the feed bucket into the corral for the night!

Boulder with a small rock/boulder!