Friday, March 6, 2009

A Farrier Friday at The Lazy Vegan

The horses across the way stand guard around the house.
It was a "farrier Friday" today- the farrier came to visit the boys, who were not very happy to see him. I think they even now recognize the sound of his truck coming up the driveway. Paco in particular was not a good sport about getting his hooves trimmed- Brent called him a "drama queen"! But soon it was over and they were able to rush out to the pasture on neatly trimmed hooves to enjoy the rest of the day. Lots of activity going on at the ranch across the way today- the horses and cows were all out milling around. Everyone was soaking up the sunshine!

Weegie ambles up the hill. The boys have been sticking their heads through the fencing to eat the neighbor's grass. They're not happy about the latest load of hay- and I'm mad because it is almost all going to waste- I'm going to complain at the feedstore tomorrow. I think this batch was overly rained on because most of it is brown, and the donkeys won't touch that part (yes, I know, they ARE spoiled- but I talked to the farrier about it this morning and he said they won't eat it if it's "gone bad").
My portrait with Toby. His head looks huge!

The foreman takes a break from tile work to hug Bravo.

Poor Toby. He just doesn't get his fill of ball tosses!

Andree sent me this beautiful purse that she made!

Paco's tricky little two-step.

The donkey individual staredown.

Boulder under the glass table by the deck.
And at a second napping location on the terrace.

The horses up to something across the way. It would be great if someday Paco and Luigi could meet them!

The boys watch the farrier leave.

And the following is the usual routine: the farrier hard at work while the boys try to be good!

Weegie holds his own lead!

Paco looks for a way out.

Done for another 8 weeks!