Friday, March 13, 2009

Foggy Morning Turkey Visit on Friday the 13th at The Lazy Vegan

The boys get a hug from the foreman!
Friday the 13th started off with a foggy early morning turkey visit...actually, it was almost like a scene out of National Geographic, with the male turkeys doing some kind of funny little dance for the female turkeys (while the donkeys watched). Some deer even came by to join in the fun. The male turkeys really look funny when they fan out their feathers- and they walk funny, too- like teenagers with baggy pants! Later on the sunshine came out and nothing but good things happened, even though it is FRIDAY THE 13th!

Smiling for the camera at carrot treat time!

Toby doing his mid-air ball trick.
I call these next few photos "Boulder in the Grass".

Solo sings while Toby waits for a ball toss.

Weegie's adorable stare-down.

The horse across the way- yawning!

Early evening play time.

The early morning turkey visit- complete with deer!

If you double click on the photo, you can see the turkeys much better!

I love the display of feathers.

Paco was pretty intrigued.

You had to be there to appreciate the noise and dancing around- I should have filmed it!