Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Great Day to Bake a Vegan Cake & Cupcakes at The Lazy Vegan!

Bravo is oh, so hopeful that a cupcake will fall off and land his way!
This morning I baked a vanilla & strawberry vegan cake and cupcakes for the monthly vegan potluck I go to- and it was a big hit! The perfect thing for a rainy day. Before the rain came the turkeys came for a morning visit and did their funny feather-show-off thing, walking up and down the driveway. The donkeys got in some lounging time while it was dry, and then went directly to the barn when it started to get wet! They were getting used to the nice, warm days!

This was a double layer cake- strawberries in the center, too.

Bravo, my baking assistant!

Putting on the first layer.

These are not terribly exciting photos, but I did want to document the fact that I slaved in the kitchen for a couple of hours!

The donkeys hear the sweet grain call! Weegie has really been excited about sweet grain time lately. He's always the first donkey to the pan now!

Morning lounging time. It is pretty rough being a donkey here at The Lazy Vegan.

Paco didn't budge!

Don't know why Weegie was content grazing where there's hardly any grass, but he was.

Another grazer, outside of the pasture.

The turkeys display their awesome feathers!

In another month or so there will be baby turkeys roaming around!