Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy First Day of Spring at The Lazy Vegan

Happy First Day of Spring! Spring is in the air officially at The Lazy Vegan! The donkeys got a long-awaited walk around the property and chomped away at the green grass (although we didn't let them eat too much, as this can cause serious health problems). All the animals were out and about enjoying the warm day. The turkeys showed up briefly after dinner and then headed up the big hill next to our property to settle in for the night. We're all looking forward to the new season- even if it means that the foreman will probably have to mow the grass - the part that the donkeys can't graze!
Just hanging out, above- and hanging on, below!
After the walk it was sweet grain time, and the donkeys were very excited about it, as usual.

I love it when suddenly one of the donkeys will need to rest his head on the other.

Bravo was all casual with the donkeys- I think he knows they're on lead ropes!

You can't really tell in this photo, but Randy got a call on his cell phone and attempted to talk while leading the donkeys with one hand. Which didn't work out that well.

Bravo acts like such a big cheese when he knows he's in no danger.

I love how the old clothes line looks like some ancient Italian artifact or something!

The boys were absolutely thrilled to get a walk!

How appropriate- Toby picked the donkey dog toy to bring out into the corral!

I got Paco all harnessed up and ready to go- but the foreman had to do Luigi.

Grazing and gazing on the hillside.

How I was greeted when I came home- I took these from the Beetle!