Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just Another Wednesday at The Lazy Vegan

Toby on his way home from a solo adventure- unusual for him- he went off wandering for a bit!
Just another Wednesday at The Lazy Vegan...more lounging and dust baths and naps on a breezy and beautiful day! Everyone finally seems to have adjusted to the time change. I've had to change feeding times a bit now that it stays light longer and is darker in the morning. Believe me, everyone knows EXACTLY when their feeding time is and I hear about it if I'm at all late! Boulder is the only one who gets fed "on demand". That's one of the perks of being an old cat- all he has to do is show up and I feed him. He's such a picky eater now that I offer him food all the time!
Lounging in the corral.

Weegie has such a white tummy!
Weegie taking a dust bath.
I just never get tired of watching the donkeys take dust baths!

Weegie demonstrates the awkward positioning of getting down for a dust bath.
Relaxing with Paco!

Paco twice. He looks like he's blabbing away.

I'm amazed that the donkeys don't step on each other sometimes!

Weegie pops his head in the barn while I'm cleaning. No helpers today. I was all by myself!

I've been using the great library system of ordering books online, and then waiting for an email alert telling me they're ready to pick up- then all I do is show up at the library and pick up my ready-to-go stack of books! GREAT system!
A new animal book and an Idiot's Guide to kayaking. 'Cuz I got to get a kayak now that I have a roof rack on the Beetle!
This donkey book looks great. Lots of photos, too. Not that I don't know what donkeys look like!
I cleaned the corral with the pups today (cleaned the barn alone later. Always lots of cleaning up to do)...I kept the donkeys out by closing the gate to the pasture. They were quite annoyed by this and stood at the gate the entire time.
Bravo lets me know it is time for dinner!
And so does Boulder!
The donkeys wait for lunch.