Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just Grazing at The Lazy Vegan

Not much to report on today's blog posting...except that there is suddenly LOTS of lush green grass for the donkeys to graze on! The donkeys pretty much ignored me when I came into the pasture to visit them - they were much too busy munching away. I love the sound of grazing donkeys- they actually pull the grass sideways and there's a tearing noise and then if it is quiet enough you can hear them chewing. I've noticed that they usually "tear off" the grass to the right...maybe there are some lefties out there, but our donkeys appeaer to be "righties" when it comes to grazing. And that's that for a Thursday of grazing at The Lazy Vegan.

They didn't even bother to look up!

Yum, yum. Fresh grass.

Weegie's head is almost lost in it.

So much for a visit with my donkeys! I can't compete with green grass!

Boulder took a break from his napping to kindly pose for a few photos!

Boulder really should have been in the movies!