Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just a Lot of Lounging Going on at The Lazy Vegan

It seems like there are really just two important things that go on at The Lazy Vegan- one is lounging/napping, and the other is eating! I guess a third would be playing. But today an awful lot of lounging was going on- I caught Boulder taking a cat nap under a bush (after spending twenty minutes trying to find him), and birds everywhere were hanging out, doing NOTHING. Paco and Weegie were lounging until the neighbor's dog came into their pasture and they had to get up and do their dramatic donkey charge to chase her off!

Lounging birds.
Weegie catches sight of something along the fence line.
The boys got brushed extra long today- Weegie was pretty interested in the brush.
It was really hard to find Boulder- he was well hidden in the bushes!

Lounging lizard!
The horses and cows across the way- they weren't lounging, but they were eating!
The lounging donkeys head in for sweet grain time.

With my lounging Boulder!