Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kicking up Donkey Heels at The Lazy Vegan

Paco and Weegie kicking up their heels!!!

What a day for kicking up donkey heels at The Lazy Vegan! Maybe it was the return of the sunshine that spurred Paco and Weegie on...whatever it was, right around dinnertime they went crazy running around the pasture. They put on quite the show- I think some neighbors driving home from work enjoyed it! I have to be careful when I'm photographing them when they're playing...I try to stay far away and use my zoom lens, but sometimes they're suddenly right by me. I'm no match for two donkeys rearing up! I always love to see them having fun. They deserve it! In other Lazy Vegan news, last night I dreamt that I met President Obama. I told him that now that he was President, he could buy himself some new socks. He seemed to take that information very seriously!

Paco appears to be blabbing the whole time.

Whoa- approx. 700 pounds of combined donkey weight rearing up!

When they play next to the fence line, people driving by have a great view of the fun!

Investigating my "Muck" boots!

Boulder in the kitchen on the bench, awaiting his lunch.

The horse across the way, awaiting HIS lunch.

And a little birdie getting his own lunch!

Boulder taking it easy on the path.

Boulder going up the driveway. Unusual for him...he had been off wandering somewhere.

Weegie and the clouds.

Boulder's rather bored look, above...and climbing down the terrace, below.