Saturday, March 28, 2009

Last Saturday in March at The Lazy Vegan

We had a beautiful day for the last Saturday in March! I didn't go get all my donkey supplies- instead, the foreman went to a new feed store (one we hadn't been to before) and bought one bale of hay. We're going to see if the donkeys like it before we buy more. I went to another feed store and got a few things, including the dreaded WORMER...on April 1st it is time to worm the donkeys again! I love to throw that out there on the blog for shock value. It really isn't as bad as it sounds. Right now I'm thoroughly enjoying a book I ordered from the library that was written the year I was born- which means it is pretty darn old. It is a "practical guide to donkey-keeping" called People with Longears. It was obviously written by someone who adores donkeys. Actually, I don't know if the author is still alive since this is such an OLD book- I'll have to google the name. But it is filled with fun stories and information and talks about how intelligent the donkeys is, which of course we already knew. The very last sentence of the book gives the donkey owner this bit of advice: "Do not allow your donkeys on sofas or chairs. The springs will suffer". If you double click on the photo below you can see how funny it is!!

Boulder is bored with all this hoopla about a donkey book. He's wondering when I'm going to check out a book about felines.

The foreman with the one bale of hay- which is much greener than the stuff the donkeys have been refusing to eat- so I'm hopeful that they'll like it!
Weegie was pretty fascinated by my clogs today.

It is hard to get a donkey to pose sometimes.

The foreman relaxes with Bravo and Solo and a glass of wine.

My donks have spotted me!

Paco is one fine looking little donkey.
I hooked Bravo's leash on the tree while I cleaned out the corral today. It worked great!

Grazing donkeys. Sometimes their bellies look huge to me.

The foreman on his way back from Home Depot...he had to stop to say hi to his boys!

Paco was watching while I changed the batteries in the camera.

Hanging with the boys!
Paco always rests his head on top of the foreman's head- it is pretty cute!