Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Lilacs are Blooming at The Lazy Vegan!

The lilacs are blooming at The Lazy Vegan! Seemingly overnight the purple flowers have appeared. I picked a few to put in a vase but let the donkeys smell them first. Paco was fairly intrigued...he actually seemed to sniff them and didn't even try to eat them! At any rate, the lilacs in bloom is always a sure sign of Spring!
Boulder waits patiently at the front door to be let in.
Boulder at dusk, and Boulder in the morning!

Toby in the tall green grass.

This little bird thought I couldn't see him- but I could!

I am trying to "disappear" the dog toy above- it isn't my favorite (it gets slimey!)...but Toby really likes it!
It seems that Boulder does a lot of sitting around. He likes to follow me around when I'm out with the dogs, but he'll sit back and watch all the activity.
Up close with Paco!

The boys have plenty of green grass to graze on lately. So they don't seem to really mind that the hay isn't to their liking.

Animals waiting around everywhere!
The crows were out today.
Three crows and then two crows in the tree.

Look closely to see the geese flying by!

The boys plan their day.

Weegie greets the morning!
Boulder sitting again!