Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Marvelous Last Day of March at The Lazy Vegan

Weegie by the bowl of carrots...he had them all to himself today!
It was a marvelous last day of March today...I took the Beetle into the dealership for service because an engine coolant light kept coming on...it turned out to be something still under warranty, so it was free- plus they went through a whole checklist of other things on the Beetle and everything was fine. I'm impressed by the service at the dealership- I'll be returning with the Beetle! And while I was there I got to look at the other Beetles on the lot. I'm so enthusiastic about the VW Beetle that I should probably be selling them!

I saw this little bird using his leg to scratch!

While Boulder was busy scratching a tree trunk.

Getting into position for sweet grain!

SO cute!

Morning dust bath time. Paco was in rare form.
How ridiculous is this face?!

Ah, the awkwardness of getting up as a donkey...

Paco was just really enjoying lounging this morning.

This sight never fails to amuse me.

I spotted Solo from the deck...he was returning from his solo adventure!

Another cute bird in the morning.

I think he/she was listening to the sounds my camera makes!