Monday, March 23, 2009

Mellow Monday in March at The Lazy Vegan

Boulder during his lunch time nap!
Just a mellow Monday at The Lazy Vegan...the perfect day for extra dust baths for the donkeys and extra naps for the dogs and cat! A trio of turkeys came around early in the evening. The grass is so high in parts right now that you can just see the turkey heads as they walk by. In other non-related Lazy Vegan news, today I was behind and in front of two other VW Beetles on the road- a gray one behind me and a yellow one in front of me- I felt like we were on parade! The only thing cuter than one VW Beetle is a row of VW Beetles!
Now that Weegie has mastered the art of picking up the sweet grain pan, he does it all the time! He's so proud of it!

What a show-off!

Paco was a bit moody today. He gets that way sometimes. Luigi is more even-tempered.

The trio of turkeys!
Pups in the tall grass.

Boulder giving his "I'm-ready-for-lunch" look.
Little hummer on a branch.
Early morning dust bath time!

I took this one from the kitchen window with my zoom lens. It is so much fun to look out the window and see this sight while I eat my breakfast!
Rough start to the day for Bravo and Toby!