Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rainy Day Fun at The Lazy Vegan

There's nothing like rainy day fun at The Lazy Vegan! We don't let a few raindrops or even a downpour get in our way...the foreman replaced a window in the upstairs bathroom while in rain gear, and I cleaned out the barn in my fancy muck boots and hung out with the donkeys for a bit. The dogs went bezerk inside the house- nothing new there- they do that regardless of the weather. And Boulder slept the whole day and is sleeping still as I type this- this had better not mean that he'll be up all night! Toby races around in search of a ball...or any other toy!
With my Bravo and my Boulder!
Boulder was up for some lunch. Then it was back to the orange futon for a good nap.
The foreman ready for work!
You wouldn't catch me up on a ladder in the rain. Or at any time.

It is always nice to have a big hole in the house on a rainy day.

The new window waits on the futon.

The view from inside.

The foreman putting up the slate tile.

Solo is exhausted from resting all day.

Plenty of rest time for the animals!

Carrot treat time goes on no matter what the weather!
My attempt at vegan cinnamon buns last night. Unfortunately I didn't use enough yeast and they didn't rise. But they tasted good.
I took some plum branches off the tree to make this nice little arrangement.

I'm continuing to work on my old photo project, and ran across these photos of the foreman in his fishing, pre-vegan days! Apparently he was very proud of this carp.

Quite the fishing look, both above and below!
The fishing father of the foreman!
Whoa- a lot of fish! It is a good thing he's vegan now- to help make up for all those fishies!