Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rainy Day Fun with an Empty Box at The Lazy Vegan

Toby stays warm wearing one of my t-shirts- YES on Prop. 2!
It was a cold day with drizzle...perfect day to bring out an empty box into the pasture for Paco & Luigi to play with! Like with any new object, they immediately put on their "donkey detective" hats and carefully begin their investigation. When they accidentally moved the box it was a big deal- lots of bucking and trotting around (maybe they were showing off for the box?). In the end, the box was just rather boring, and was abandoned when the boys decided to go off to graze!

Toby really looks cute with his new haircut, but he was actually shivering today- so he seemed to appreciate having the t-shirt to wear.

The donkey detective team approaches the box, with Weegie in the lead.

Paco sees if there's anything inside.

Weegie circles around.
And then Paco circles around.

Suddenly they both seem to realize something at the same time!

"Uh, Weegie- I think this is our home entertainment system...for the BARN!"

Paco reads the fine print. Sure enough, it is a home theater system!

But then no doubt the donkeys were a tad disappointed to figure out that the box really was EMPTY. No theater coming any time soon to the barn (but maybe in the future!).

Meanwhile, it was a good day for pup lounging indoors!

The foreman has made great progress on the new shower- notice the fine grout line and fancy faucet!

I love the slate, too.

MORE BLAST FROM THE PAST...still scanning old photos!
Salt flats, Utah...that's me on the left, then Patty, Dan and Snap!

Dan and Patty behind Grandma & Grandpa. Goofing off, of course.

Karina with Teddy Ruxpin!

On one of the infamous Rousseau camping trips!