Saturday, March 7, 2009

Red-Shouldered Hawks, Deer, Horses, Donkeys, Dogs and a Cat Named Boulder on a Saturday at The Lazy Vegan

Boulder at the front door!

Lots of animal activity at The Lazy Vegan today! From morning to dusk everyone was busy. I went to the feedstore to complain about the quality of the hay that the donkeys aren't eating. They want me to bring a sample back. DUH. I hadn't thought of that. So I'll take some back and then they'll probably give me a credit or a discount on my next batch. I never knew, pre-donkey days, that the quality of hay varied! I didn't know much about hay at all, actually. Now I even sniff a flake of hay to see if it is "good" before giving it to the boys. I've read that moldy hay can be fatal. All these things to worry about! Hay aside, it was a grand day at The Lazy Vegan- a wonderful day before Daylight Savings Time begins!

Red-shouldered hawk flies by!

Ah, one of Boulder's many, many napping spots- he likes the late-afternoon sun on our bed.
A entire family of deer were out munching on our grass today.

Boulder in his other napping spot on the cabin deck- here he's awake and ready for lunch.
Bravo is having a hard time keeping track of the various animal activities.

Paco showing off his cute face!

The boys discover the deer- and then everyone goes on grazing!

The hawk flies off.
And lands in a nearby tree.

Two red-shouldered hawks together- not a great photo, but a rare sight.
Boulder relaxes with the foreman.

My current favorite cereal- and it is vegan, of course!
The beautiful horses across the way.

Paco likes to stare at the horses.

Weegie helps me clean up the pasture!

Paco was too busy being goofy.

This is why I always take my camera with me now- when I came home from my Saturday run/bike ride with Snap this morning, I discovered my boys being really silly! So I took these photos from the Beetle on the driveway!

There's nothing quite like a donkey sitting down. Ridiculous!