Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Springtime at The Lazy Vegan

Eating out at Slice of Life yesterday...our favorite restaurant!

You know it is Spring when MOWER MAN, a.k.a. the foreman, returns to The Lazy Vegan! The foreman hopped on the rider mower still wearing his real estate clothes early this evening and got a good start on the property. I know that Paco and Luigi would have preferred a chance to eat all the grass, but it is too late now. Mower Man is on a mission and won't stop until the grass is manicured (or until the mower runs out of gas). The turkeys were back for a visit today- the donkeys are pretty relaxed about them being around now- they hardly even bother to chase them out of the pasture!

From yesterday, Paul with Toby and with Bravo.

Bravo adores Paul!

Playing tug-of-war.

Bravo makes a leap.

The seasonal return of MOWER MAN!

Two cute donkeys looking for their carrot treats!

The turkeys come by.

Solo and Boulder are about the same speed lately.

Boulder on the prowl.

At lunch time I came home to find this fellow lurking in the oak tree!

This is one BIG bird.