Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Sweet Sunday for Grazing at The Lazy Vegan

Apparently the word is out in the local deer herd- that the grazing is good at The Lazy Vegan! And that it is SAFE to graze at The Lazy Vegan! The deer have been hanging out all day until nightfall. I think Paco and Luigi might be a bit annoyed that the deer are getting to graze on the really good grass outside the pasture fencing (P & L are long overdue for a good walk outside of the pasture!)...but they have a pretty darn good thing going with their hay and sweet grain and plenty of grass to graze on!

No need for the lawnmower if the deer keep up the munching!

This one young deer seems to be doing exactly what his mama probably taught him: freeze when you see a person!

So cute!

And then there's life inside the pasture...not too shabby! It was a great lounging morning.

Weegie was all tuckered out. Because of the time change I actually woke up the donkeys when I went to feed them this morning- they both jumped up in the barn when they saw me- I had really startled them!

We got quick visit from Claire today! She went with Randy to Vacaville and got a new-to-her car: a Volkswagen Gulf!

It is a very cute little car. And now Claire is bravely venturing into the world of STANDARD TRANSMISSION. Everyone should drive a stick shift at least once!

And of course I am now a big fan of Volkswagen!

Boulder picked an odd place for his afternoon nap today- smack on the driveway!

Solo, the house and really big cloud.

Bravo watches the deer graze by the Beetle.

A pair of geese in the morning.

P & L plan their day...and the deer were grazing right up till dark!

The foreman gets a run in with the donkeys.
They really are that much faster than the foreman now- the donkeys are SUPER fast!!