Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Thundering Tuesday at The Lazy Vegan

Thunder came rolling in late in the day at The Lazy Vegan...and it sent the pups running for the comfort of the bed and Paco and Luigi running to the barn! Boulder seemed to sleep through it. Boulder would probably sleep through an earthquake. He's quite good at waking up other people, however- he woke me up early this morning by scratching at the bedroom door and then throwing up on the floor by the foot of the bed (one never walks around without shoes here at The Lazy Vegan, because you never know what you may encounter). It turns out the new brand of cat food I had bought him is a bit too rich for his digestive system. At any rate, between the thundering skies and the feline throw-up, things are really rockin' at The Lazy Vegan!

Usually the human bed is off limits to the pups. Bravo will sometimes sneak in to snuggle with the foreman when I've left for my morning run.
Boulder was really busy napping today.

Carrot treat time in the barn- this time I gave Luigi his own special bowl of carrots since he won't take a carrot piece from my hand!

At first he seemed overwhelmed by the bowl.
But he soon figured it out. I had to feed Paco separately so he wouldn't hog Weegie's portions.

Carrot treat time is quite the event. The boys really look forward to it, and so do I. Sometimes we sing songs. If you think donkeys can't sing, you are wrong. Very wrong.

I met my friend Marion for lunch today- we had a belated celebration of our birthdays- we're both Aquarians! She has a really cute purple P.T. Cruiser- so of course we had to take photos with our cars.

With the P.T. Cruiser!

And with the Beetle!

Pups spotted lounging- AGAIN!

Quite the trio of terriers!

A pair of deer visited early in the morning. So cute!