Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Turkeys Settle in at The Lazy Vegan

Boulder yawns after one of his many naps of the day.

The turkeys have really settled in at The Lazy Vegan- they're here morning and night! The donkeys don't even bother chasing them out of the pasture any more. Everyone seems to get along. Boulder keeps his distance, though- and if Bravo got a chance off leash he'd definitely send them back up to the oak trees! But for now the National Geographic scene continues...with the male turkeys parading up and down the driveway, seemingly showing off for the female turkeys who frankly seem more interested in finding grubs in the grass!

Toby's awkward ball catch!
Pretty pansies or poppies of some kind that appear every year in the pasture.
This little bird is trying to figure out what all the turkey stuff is about!

Paco seems a bit impressed by the show of feathers.

This one turkey hung out in the yard for a long time. I think he felt cornered with the donkeys right there. Once he made a move, he swiftly went along the fence line to join the other turks.

Maybe they're just standing around discussing what they plan on watching on t.v. tonight.

The females are all getting in a good meal while the males flaunt their feathers!

Meanwhile, Boulder keeps his distance. The turks are bigger than he is.
Plus, there's too much napping to do to bother chasing down some turkeys!

Sweet grain time. Sweet grain time is NEVER boring!
Here the boys are rushing in for sweet grain!

The turkey below seems to be missing a feather or two!
Turkeys and the Beetle. I'm not quite ready to park the Beetle above on the driveway yet- too many trees. I think the Beetle needs a special carport. Maybe when the foreman is done with the bathroom remodel!
And early in the morning with the turkeys- they're here all the time now!

Boulder eats breakfast on the terrace with the donkeys and turkeys in the background.