Sunday, March 22, 2009

Very Windy Sunday at The Lazy Vegan

It was a very windy day today- a reminder that we are still in March! When it gets super windy the donkeys like to take shelter near or in their barn. Boulder always acts funny when the wind picks up. He dislikes it almost as much as getting his paws wet when it rains! In other Lazy Vegan news, I polished off the vegan cake I baked yesterday- I took a slice to Karina when she was working at the cafe and then managed to chow the rest down all by myself!
The donkeys still ran around and had fun despite the wind!
But Boulder wasn't wild about being outdoors. Here I spotted him waiting patiently at the door- while I was outside!

The donkeys like to groom one another- just like chimps!

I've never seen Boulder on the wood pile before. Maybe he was seeking some shelter from the wind.

He took the time to kindly pose for some photos- this is his outdoor cat look!

This could become one of his favorite spots.

Escaping the wind in the morning. Paco is blabbing away. Well, not really- but it always looks like he is when he opens his mouth!

I like how Weegie is being brave and just lounging in the wind.