Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Animals Celebrate Tax Day at The Lazy Vegan

Weegie is so happy he doesn't have to pay taxes!

The animals all celebrated Tax Day today at The Lazy Vegan...by doing exactly what they usually do! They may have heard a few human grumbles about giving money to the government, but as long as the feeding schedules were on time, all was fine. The repairman came and fixed the rider mower, so Mower Man was back "in the saddle" again, so to speak- mowing away! And that's about it for a Wednesday...another year to go till it is Tax Day again!
Here's Paco's expression after I explain taxes to him.

Not a worry in the world...heading to the sweet grain pan!

Boulder actually understands taxes completely.

And he thinks it is appalling how much money we give to the IRS!

But he's a cat, and he doesn't have to worry about THAT.

Paco heads over to some poppies.

Looking especially adorable by the barn in the morning.

The double donkey staredown. They stood here for the longest time, looking my way!

And the single Weegie staredown. He's getting very good at it. I wonder what goes through his head.

Huge crows (not Ravens...I determined that a while ago- the one bird I can identify now!) walk the pasture.

Due to the windy conditions the foreman and I have both been parking below, out of the trees. I think the Beetle looks cute next to the BMW.

The horses across the way pair up to warm up in the morning sun.