Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Annual Egg Hunt- The Day Before Easter at The Lazy Vegan!

It was an absolutely beautiful day for the annual egg hunt at The Lazy Vegan! We had a basket full of plastic eggs (200, to be exact- thanks to Grandma Snap who filled them all with candy and money!) that I first let the donkeys check out before hiding them this morning. I have to admit I wasn't too creative with hiding places this year- even so, there ended up being two that were never found (that's always a mystery- but they'll show up when the foreman mows!). The pups and donkeys were thrilled to have company and Boulder made a brief appearance mid-visit. I was the only human representative of the Rousseau clan this year, except for a quick stop-in by the foreman inbetween appointments...Karina, Paul & Claire all had better things to do than search for eggs!
Paco checks out the basket full of eggs!

The plastic eggs sure are pretty. And of course they are VEGAN!

All in all, the donkeys were pretty nonchalant about the eggs.

Boulder loves to hang out on the warm hot tub lid.

The dogs all got a brand new bunny toy!

Lining up for brunch!

It was pretty warm on the deck. I kept apologizing for the hot sun, which was pretty ridiculous.

I wore bunny ears to get into the Easter mood!

Let the egg hunt begin!

Patty carries Solo down the terrace steps.

Pat looks good with a dog. She should adopt one from the animal shelter!

This could very well be Aaron's last egg hunt...

We were discussing how next year perhaps we'll try an evening egg hunt- with flashlights!

The donkeys wondered what in the heck was going on.

Drew stood out in his bright jersey.

Aaron will go to all extremes to find an egg- even if it means crawling under the table!

Anyone notice the PURPLE EGG ON THE TREE?

Solo finds his first Easter egg ever!

Drew searches for eggs with style.

Aaron takes a break to say hi to the donkeys.

Anth fills his bucket!
The team of egg investigators make their way down the path.

The donkeys REALLY wanted to help!

The ever-important counting of the eggs...

The aerial shot from the balcony of the egg-counting!

The egg hunt is offically over!
Scott handles the eggs and the money...while Bravo just looks for food!
A tired terrier- Bravo- sits with his grandma.

Quite a haul!

Aaron calls it a day.

Aaron displays how dirty the new dog toy got- within hours!

I believe this was an egg RECOUNT.

The trio of Tomashefskys make sure the count is accurate.

Showing off my VW Beetle!

Patty checks out the driver's seat.

I've got to say that Pat could have showed a BIT more enthusiasm in this photo for the Beetle!

Scott and "old" Snoopy and Grandma Snap say goodbye!

Leaving The Lazy Vegan.

With Paco!

The birthday girl blows out the candles of her belated vegan birthday cake!
Happy Belated Birthday to Patty- and Happy Easter a Day Early!