Friday, April 17, 2009

Another Wonderful Friday at The Lazy Vegan

"Let's see, Weegie...first we can go graze...then we can take our dust baths...and then we can go hang out by the oak tree and figure out what to do with the rest of the day!" - Paco to Luigi in the morning!

It was another great Friday at The Lazy Vegan....the donkeys had their day all planned out- and with the exception of some drama from an uninvited neighboring dog, all went as planned. I think they were both secretly hoping for another visit from Right the horse- but that didn't happen- hopefully soon! I gave them both long "brush-downs" (as we call brushing time here at The Lazy Vegan) which they both enjoyed- they're both shedding their thick coats now that it is warmer. I think the shedding process makes them itchy. Poor donkeys! I'm glad I don't have to shed a coat with the change of the season!

Weegie grazes by a poppy.

I startled Paco and he hopped right up from his dust bath!
Paco does his "mock" charging pose with Toby.
The foreman put his back out- a real bummer. Here Paco stands next to him for support!

Carrot treat time!

The hard-working donkeys trudge to the corral for sweet grain time!

Boulder in one of his favorite spots in the shade.

Right now I'm not that pleased with Boulder. Early this evening he presented me with a beautiful baby mole- he hadn't killed it, but now I have an orphaned mole- no bigger than two inches- I put him/her in a safe spot in the bushes near where there's a mole hole, but it is doubtful the mom will come to the rescue at this point. I wish Boulder wouldn't hunt- I give him all his meals! Poor cute little mole. I didn't even take a photo- it didn't seem respectful.

Hilarious old VW Beetle advertisement! Today I went to the VW dealership because one of my hubcaps got a big crack in it and I wanted to replace it. They had it in stock and put it on for me while I waited at no charge. So I continue to rave about the VW dealership- and my VW!