Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Cool Breeze Comes Back to The Lazy Vegan!

Thankfully we had cool breezes return to The Lazy Vegan today. After three or more days of hot weather, it was VERY welcomed. Today I saw two funny things: in the morning while driving, I passed a VW Beetle (vintage) pulling a trailer- it was really hilarious looking- the Beetle barely looked big enough to be hauling such a big item- and then in the afternoon, I saw a trailer hauling a Beetle! (Also vintage). I notice Beetles everywhere on the road now. I'm sure they were always there, but now that I'm driving one I instantly can spot them. I found a few fun Beetle photos online to share with the (possibly bored) blog reader! This Beetle has an amazing custom paint job!
RACING Beetles!!
A PIG Beetle!!!!

The racing Beetles are awfully cute.

A vintage LIMO Beetle!

A VW New Beetle with matching trailer. VERY cute! Maybe I could haul Paco and Weegie with the Beetle! We'd have to get a donkey trailer first.

Boulder is such a "couch potato" cat lately.

The pups head off with the foreman to see what projects need to be done on the property.

I had tucked this fluffly bone under a bunch of bushes, but Toby found it.

Solo & Boulder always look like they're deep in conversation!

Bird on pine tree.

Horses graze across the way. Sometimes when the wind is just right, as it was today, you can hear them snort!

The boys are so happy when it is sweet grain time.