Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Downpours and Sunshine on a Tuesday at The Lazy Vegan

Weegie is such a silly little donkey!
Well, Accuweather was accurate- it rained today, at times quite heavy! The donks headed for the barn when it was really bad but otherwise stayed outside to graze. They're not that happy with the latest batch of hay, which makes me think I have some spoiled donks on my hands...either that or good hay is just hard to find this time of year, even from a different feed store. I'm not that worried about it any more- they look very healthy and grazing gives them something to do (since the foreman hasn't started giving them foreign language lessons yet- or hasn't set up their special spot with the t.v. in the cabin!).
Damp donkeys enjoying sweet grain!
The foreman's new "toy", below...
Bravo thinks it looks too big to be a dog toy. Darn! It is, of course, a chain saw.
Forgive me for continuing to bore the blog reader with photos of my Beetle. But it is SO cute! The other day I was coming out of Trader Joe's and while I was putting bags into the trunk, an elderly woman walked by and commented on what a cute car it was. I showed her one of the best parts- the built in hole for the vase in the dashboard, and she was amazed by it! And by the huge orange daisy.
Look what is growing right next to the huge manure pile! A beautiful bearded Iris.
These rainy day pups were following me around non-stop. Solo was smart and stayed cozy in his bed.
Boulder up from his nap and all set to go!

Must be tough having your own special bed. In several different places.

Bravo looks a bit like a newscaster here. Perhaps he's about to give the weather report.

Toby is so easy to please. As long as I have a tennis ball around!

Donkeys graze under stormy skies.

Lots of hawks out when it cleared today.