Monday, April 20, 2009

The Farrier Visits on a Sweltering Monday at The Lazy Vegan

Paco is all harnessed up and ready to go, while Luigi insists on being "difficult"!
It was another very hot day at The Lazy Vegan- and time again for a farrier visit! Luckily the farrier came before 8 a.m. so it wasn't too warm. Even so, the donkeys didn't want anything to do with the event, and Luigi in particular was being difficult. Luigi didn't want to get his harness on- even though getting the harness on usually means going for a walk, which he loves to do. I harnessed up Paco with no problem (he's easy), but when I tried to harness up Luigi he bucked and got away from me (frankly, I just let him go at that point!) and dramatically ran around in circles in the corral. It would have been funny if the farrier wasn't due at any minute. The farrier really doesn't take the extra time to make sure the donkeys WANT to do anything (he can't even remember their names- to him they're "Lawn Ornament #1 and Lawn Ornament #2- but we still like him!), so we really want to make sure that the donkeys are all set before he shows up. It took the foreman coming out to do his "donkey whisperer" routine with Luigi before he was able to get the harness on! And afterwards the boys got an early morning walk around the property, so they were happy!

Paco watches while Luigi goofs off with the harness and lead rope.
So much more fun to PLAY with the harness than to wear it!
Paco tries to have a little chat with Luigi about wearing the harness.
Paco's proud stance. He looks good in his harness!
Part of the "donkey whisperer's" method is to just go and sit out with the donkeys and act like nothing is going on. Very casual. You can see Luigi standing sulking in the barn.
Finally, Luigi walks up with some interest to where the harness is.
"Uh, didn't I just had this farrier thing done 8 weeks ago? I really don't need to get that harness on AGAIN!"
The Weegie stare down.

These photos loaded out of order for some reason- but you can see that the foreman was successful- Weegie is in his harness!
Getting special attention before the dreaded clipping of the hooves.

The donkey whisperer at work. Paco (or at least his ears) watches.

If the farrier saw any of this stuff that went on before his arrival, he'd no doubt be rolling his eyes!

Time for a trim!

I don't blame the donkeys for not liking this. Look at that tool!
Getting the special walk with the foreman afterwards.
Boulder is very happy that he doesn't have to deal with a farrier.
For all his ease at getting harnessed, Paco was actually worse than Weegie when it came time to get his hooves done!
All done- until 8 weeks from now!