Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fool's Day at The Lazy Vegan!

This year I'm not even going to attempt to fool the blog reader with some lame April Fool's Day joke like I did last year, when I said that we had bought a fixer ranch! The only little joke I played today was on the foreman- I called him when he was at the office to say that our neighbor, the one with Barney the big sized donkey, had come walking up our driveway with a miniature donkey named Hank and said he needed a home!! The foreman didn't even hesitate and said "no," - but I knew if he had seen the imaginary Hank, he would have said yes. At any rate, I had him BRIEFLY fooled- and then I was actually relieved to realize that I still have just TWO donkeys! Two is plenty, and we don't want to upset the great friendship that Paco and Weegie have by adding a third. Plus, if any more animals come to reside at The Lazy Vegan, they will have to be rescue animals. Today I was involved in a dog rescue of sorts...there is an older dog that sometimes gets loose on the busy road toward Forestville. Today traffic was completely backed up and I couldn't figure out why- until I saw this poor dog weaving in and out of the cars! I immediately pulled the Beetle over and got my emergency dog leash out of the glove compartment. I called him over (I think it was a he) and he barked at me, but did edge toward me- and then suddenly a neighbor came running out and told me that Casey was the dog's name- so between the two of us, we managed to lure Casey off the busy road- which is really a highway- and got him home up a dirt driveway. During all of this one of my vegan boots came untied, and I was wearing a dress today, which with the vegan boots was already a dweebish outift- and then to have the long laces flopping around was even dweebier. But I got back into my Beetle and a woman stopped her car to let me back into traffic, and I felt good knowing I had helped the dog despite looking like a dweeb doing so! I suggest everyone get a cheap dog leash to keep in the glove compartment. It can really come in handy for a lot of things! Also today I wormed the donkeys and the foreman helped, which made it go a lot faster and easier!Weegie loved listening to the foreman play the harmonica today!
Here Weegie has a try at it!

Hanging out on the hillside with my donks- one of my favorite things to do!

I took the silly photo above with the self-timer on the camera!

A donkey makes a great back rest.

The foreman and Paco share a moment.

The Beetle, Mower Man and two donkeys!


Very playful (and very strong) donkeys...I really keep my distance now when they are running around!

Sometimes I get the feeling that Paco is actually posing for the camera!

It is like watching a National Geographic episode on our own property!

Weegie loves to run ahead of Paco and then quickly turn around to face him.

Paco is really doing a LEAP in this last photo!