Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day at The Lazy Vegan

Happy Earth Day! It was quite a bit cooler today and the animals all appreciated that. For a special Earth Day treat, Boulder dined out today- literally (something he does every once in a while). The donkeys got extra carrots today and the dogs one extra treat each. I had an exciting moment in the Beetle when I had to try to get the attention of the driver of a long horse trailer to tell him that he had a flat tire on the trailer- I was behind him for several minutes when I noticed that the trailer, which had horses in it, was leaning to the right a bit...and then I saw that one of the tires was completely flat! So what is a Beetle- or rather, the driver of a Beetle to do to get noticed? I waited until I got to the first intersection and saw that he was turning left, so I went straight, rolled down my window and beeped the Beetle's horn (which always sounds friendly), and yelled out simply, "FLAT TIRE ON TRAILER"...he immediately gave a big thumbs up, completed his turn and pulled to the side of the road. I continued straight- I figured he'd be able to handle it and I wasn't about to think that I could help with the horses...not exactly like handling donkeys!
In honor of Earth Day, Boulder dines out- literally!
After dinner Boulder likes to stretch out and relax.

And yawn!

And then clean his face.

It must be nice to be a cat and nap right on the earth!

All tuckered out!

I can't seem to "disappear" this fluffly bone!

Paco heard it was Earth Day, and wanted to know what I was going to bring out to the corral to celebrate with- instead of just carrots.

Solo still has moments of being a spry pup!

Weegie is also expectant of some kind of Earth Day treat...

There's nothing like being King of the manure pile- even if you're on a leash!