Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter at The Lazy Vegan!

It is Bravo the Easter Terrier!!! Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter!
We're having a great Easter Day at The Lazy Vegan...beginning with an Easter Day run on the trail, where I once again saw lots of bunnies running around! Everyone except Luigi tried out some fake bunny ears- I never force Luigi to try anything on that he doesn't want to, and he usually doesn't want to! But Paco is game for anything, and didn't mind wearing another set of "longears" at all!
Of all the dogs, the ears fit Bravo the best- he has a big head!
A sleepy Easter Terrier!
Boulder allowed the ears to be on for about one second.
Solo wasn't that enthralled, either.

Toby doesn't mind- as long as somebody will toss the Easter Bunny toy!

I put the camera on the hay feeder to get this self-timed photo!

Very happy donkeys this morning.

Paco looks like he's waiting for the arrival of the Easter Bunny or something.

Even though the foreman knows he'll never be able to ride Paco or Luigi, he sometimes likes to pretend...

Showing off our ears!

Paco is such a good sport. Luigi was smart, though- during all this hoopla he went off to graze.

Getting some Easter attention.

Paco and I tried some self-timed photos- I put the camera on the ground. Then I have a few seconds to dash over to get into position. Paco gave out a big sigh the second time I did this. He puts up with me!

The Easter Donkey!