Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Hot Sunday (and not the kind you eat) at The Lazy Vegan

It was a hot day at The Lazy Vegan- more like a day in July than in April! The donkeys didn't seem to mind but the dogs flopped around and panted more than usual, and Boulder found his little spot in the shade. At an open house I had company- cats! I forgot their names but I spent a few hours with two fluffy cats and a black one. Tomorrow the farrier comes. And that's about all the news to report on a too-warm Sunday at The Lazy Vegan! Dinner: tempeh with assorted veggies and rice, and my favorite drink to make in the juicer lately- carrot/green apple/lemon/ginger juice!
Boulder did not take the news lightly that I spent the afternoon with three strange cats!
I have to say that Boulder is cuter than any of them.

Solo makes his way down the driveway.

Paco thoroughly enjoys his dust baths lately!

That's QUITE a tummy viewed from the side.

I have to video tape this sometime- it can take a while for the donkeys to get down to the ground.
This is why I always have the camera on me when I'm walking around our property- I saw this butterfly as I was taking the garbage cans down the driveway!

The fluffly cats at the open house!

They were pretty comfortable with me.

The white fluffly cat especially helped out. Here she is showing people where the flyers are!

Amazing eyes!

It is nice to see other people let their animals up on the kitchen table, too