Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mild Saturday at The Lazy Vegan

Nothing earth-shaking went on at The Lazy Vegan today...just the usual lounging pups, grazing donkeys and yawning cat! And Mower Man made a special appearance- the property is starting to shape up! He always finds an assortment of dog toys at the start of mowing season...sometimes the mower finds them first, and the dogs are astonished to find their fuzzy bone toys and tennis balls in tiny pieces! The donkeys "helped" a neighbor today while he was trimming back bushes...he told me that they actually startled him when they came up right behind him (with the fence between them, of course) the other day. The love to be part of the action!
Boulder eyes the crazy terriers he shares a household with.
Bravo gives one of his abrupt kisses to Boulder.
And the special appearance of...MOWER MAN!

There's a lot of ground to cover, but at least it is on a rider mower instead of the way he used to do it- with the push mower!

Weegie got a lot of use out of the bench for scratching today.
The boys head over to see what I have for them!
I had carrots, but some times I tell them there's nothing for them... except for kisses and hugs!
The pups seemed to have high expectations for the day in the morning.
Toby always acts a bit sheepish about "doing his business" on his own property!

One of the fuzzy bone toys that didn't get chewed up by the mower.
Every time I look at Boulder yawning, I want to yawn!

The peach blossoms are back...after first blooming a month ago!