Monday, April 13, 2009

Quiet Monday after The Holiday Weekend at The Lazy Vegan

Paco relaxes in the corral!
It was an uneventful Monday after the holiday weekend...in the early evening I tried to find the two missing plastic eggs from the Easter egg hunt, but they were nowhere to be found...maybe some real bunnies found them and took them back to their warren! Otherwise Mower Man will find them at some point. Toby's stuffed bunny dog toy is now so dirty it hardly looks like a bunny...as soon as he loses interest in it I'll have to steal it away for a quick trip through the washing machine!
You really get an idea of the weight of a donkey when you hear one "drop" to the ground!
There's nothing like a dust bath!
And there's nothing like snuggling with a donkey!

Weegie is still so proud of his ability to pick up the sweet grain pan.

They can spend twenty minutes playing this way.

Of course, they probably are hoping it will magically refill with sweet grain!

Boulder was wide-eyed and on alert on the cabin deck today when a trio of turkeys went by.

He gave them the "Boulder evil eye".
They didn't seem too concerned, however.

This morning I had coffee with Andree, who is visiting from Chicago! Not a very good photo- I used the self-timer and it came out blurred. You can see she's bravely still in a neck brace after being hit by a car a few months ago! I'm amazed at how well she is now doing.

Toby and the bunny.

Claire says goodbye to Boulder last night...she heads off on her road trip adventure tomorrow!