Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Special Surprise Visitor on a Thursday at The Lazy Vegan

Early this evening at carrot treat time I kept wondering why the donkeys didn't seem that interested in carrots...and then I saw that they had a special surprise visitor!! A beautiful horse named "Right" came to see them. Right's guardian lives at the beginning of our road- I had never met her before and she was very nice- she also lives with a miniature horse and she said she'll bring her by to meet Paco and Luigi soon! The donkeys were beside themselves! They put on quite a show of bucking and kicking and running up the hillside (they were really nervous at first- they have seen big horses before, but never a person riding one- maybe that was the difference that made them wary). And then Luigi proved once again to be the brave one- he would slowly get closer until he touched noses with Right! It was really a fun surprise visit- we hope to see more of Right and of her miniature horse friend soon (apparently they are inseparable, just like Paco and Weegie!).

Paco takes cover behind Weegie!

Right and his guardian, Megan.

Weegie was SOOOO curious but nervous at the same time. Right was really enjoying the grass!

At one point both of the donkeys headed over for a closer look.

Bravo Luigi with Paco a few steps behind!

Right is one big, beautiful horse!

This was close enough for Paco.

A new friend for the boys! We should walk Paco and Weegie up to see her next time!

Weegie touches noses with Right.

Soon Megan and Right had to leave, with promises to be back with the miniature horse soon.

It made for an exciting evening for the boys!

Then it was back to carrot treat time!

Boulder is wondering when he'll get a surprise feline visit!

This great looking vintage Beetle is from the year I was born: 1965!

Dreaming Luigi.

The boys play while Mower Man mows!

Solo and Boulder hang out!