Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Standing Around on a Wednesday at The Lazy Vegan

Paco in position by the poplar tree!

A lot of standing around was going on today at The Lazy Vegan...the donkeys have been hanging out at the poplar tree lately, just standing around. They look like they're security figures for the property- keeping guard! They also like to rub all their itchy spots on the tree trunk. They will stand here seemingly for hours, in a donkey daze...I think they actually take naps standing up sometimes!
Weegie usually stands on the right, and Paco on the left...as you face them. I'll have to start noticing if this is a regular positioning.
They are just so darn cute!

They didn't budge much the whole time I was taking photos.

The birds have been using the fountain a lot...we're happy to provide them with their daily drinks!

A pair of deer - I think young males- have been hanging out near our property. Here they take a noon time nap right by our parking area. They're like the deer version of Paco & Weegie!

There's nothing like playing with a stuffed bunny fresh out of the dryer!

Caught with the zoom lens...napping AGAIN!

Boulder and Bravo share a rare moment together.

Boulder was stalking something, so I came over and broke up his hunting "fun"!