Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bravo Goes Back to the Vet and Other Fun Stuff at The Lazy Vegan

Toby waits for the next ball toss!
What a fun, fun day it was at The Lazy Vegan today...in the morning I took Bravo to the vet for his recheck to see how his mouth is healing. I took him in the truck, which we still haven't unloaded, so it was full of hay - luckily it was a short drive because I saw a neighbor driving behind me who looked a bit annoyed at the little pieces of hay that were flying his way! Naturally Bravo started his dramatic hyperventilating routine as soon as we were in the truck. It has been a while since he's been carsick, but that all changed today. After a quick visit with the vet (she said his mouth was looking good), I hurried home with him but apparently wasn't fast enough...we were literally one minute from home when he turned sideways in his little dog car seat, looked directly at me and HURLED. Nice!! Even nicer was the fact that most of the, uh, "hurl" landed right in my lap. Because his little car seat put him up higher than me, it was a direct hit. Good aim! I had a fun time cleaning out the truck after I changed my clothes and cleaned myself off. Then I discovered that one of the other cute terriers had relieved himself on a far corner of the deck. As I was cleaning up that mess, I realized that living with creatures is NOT for the faint of heart. But they're all so wonderful that it is worth it. Could have done without the morning hurl, however!
Nothing to clean up from Boulder today. Boulder is one neat cat!
The foursome out for their evening walk.

Solo is so very proud of his ability to get down the terrace steps...even if it takes him a long, long time!

So happy that it is carrot treat time!

Beautiful coral colored dragonfly.

Here's the canine patient, waiting for the vet to come take a look at him.

Going to the vet really just isn't his thing!

Sorry to disgust the blog reader...but believe me, this was NOT the worst of it!!

Fun with the empty sweet grain pan. I leave the pan in the corral at night so the boys have something to play with if they're up at 2 a.m.

I don't think I've bored the blog reader with the fascinating news that I've quit coffee! When I had the stomach flu over the weekend I decided that was the perfect time to give it up. I don't know how long I'll last, but it has almost been a week. This "PERO" coffee substitute isn't that bad.
My ridiculous Bravo.

He's very confident that nobody will step on him while he lays around the entry hall!