Sunday, May 10, 2009

Celebrating Snap's Birthday and Mother's Day at The Lazy Vegan

I had a great Mother's Day weekend until an uninvited & unwelcomed guest arrived early Mother's Day morning- the stomach flu!! Luckily I was able to have a great time with Snap and Patty and Karina the day before, celebrating Snap's birthday early. But it was a real bummer to get sick! The dogs and Boulder hung out with me during the day, and the foreman took the donkeys out on a walk so I was able to see them. Looking forward to feeling better tomorrow- on Snap's real birthday!
I managed to hobble to the front door to say hi to my boys!
They looked a bit concerned.
You can see I had company in my sick bed! All day long- on the bed and on the couch!

On Saturday, we had a fun time walking downtown, going to the movies & dinner and then back to Snap's house to celebrate!
She got a movie-themed relaxation basket.

Cake time!
This year I made a double layer vanilla cake with chocolate frosting, raspberries & walnuts. Vegan, of course!

Pat smells the roses- Karina showed up at the restaurant with two beautiful roses - one for Patty and one for me- and tulips for Snap. Then we accidentally left them at the restaurant and had to go back for them.
I love all the photos on Snap's fridge!
At the restaurant!

And at the movies...Patty and Snap look like kids with their box portions of popcorn!
Snap's thrifty way of getting a drink...she just asked for a cup and used the drinking fountain!
Don't know why I took this photo. You can see I don't get out to the movies that often.

SMILE! Sign on the way to the movie theater.

Love the two person bike!

Walking by the new surf/skateboard shop with the very decorated car.

Snap stands on a piece of carpet sample- which is the carpet she was supposed to have installed, instead of the wrong, lighter carpet that you see everywhere else!
It is never simple to get away for even a few hours...here is the long list of animal instructions for the foreman!