Friday, May 22, 2009

Expanding the Corral and Painting the Deck and Fresh Bread with Dinner...at The Lazy Vegan!

There's a great new bread bakery in Forestville that opened a couple of months ago called "Nightengale Breads". For the first month they were open I didn't go in because I was trying not to eat wheat...but lately I've been wanting to stop by and today I did- got two loaves of freshly baked "Forestville French" bread to go with tonight's dinner!
Early in the morning we expanded the donkey's corral with an extra panel that was broken (the foreman used rope to make it nice and sturdy). The donkeys gained a lot of space and were thrilled (we could tell by the way they raced back into the corral when we let them in!). As usual they were right there, watching our every move. Eventually we'll add on a whole other fenced area on the other side of the corral and will be able to move them from pasture to pasture!
Paul came again to work- here he is with the foreman, painting the deck!
You never know who you'll find resting on our bed!

Lounging on the terrace steps.

You can just barely see little Solo in the background.

From afar, Boulder and Solo looked pretty cute hanging out together.

The corral expansion! It doesn't look like much from the photo, but it is a big area.

The boys come to investigate their new turf.

The foreman puts the panels together.

Very curious donks!

The foreman used metal bands to affix the fence to the barn- very sturdy!

Late afternoon carrot treat time.

The foreman will throw pieces of carrots out to the pups- so they get a workout!

This was a very cute sight in person...the animals following the foreman for carrot treat time.

Bravo was very excited! Solo was off wandering like he always does.
Boulder and Bravo!

All the grassy area is the new addition to the corral- perfect for sleeping (the boys tend to sleep outside the barn when it is warmer) and lounging around!