Friday, May 15, 2009

The First Strawberry of the Season at The Lazy Vegan

The strawberries are here!!! And they're delicious! Last year we planted strawberry plants but they didn't bear fruit. Well, this year they grew back even better and the strawberries are huge. I'm looking forward to getting enough to make a strawberry smoothie- or a vegan strawberry pie! Nothing else new to report at The Lazy Vegan. No dogs threw up today, so it was a nice & mellow day. The donkeys got a great brush-down from the foreman and look very sleek!
Yum, yum. There's nothing like a fresh strawberry straight out of the garden.

The boys line up for their turn getting brushed.

They are itchy when they shed, so this brushing must feel pretty darn good!

The foreman had to keep alternating donkeys to be fair.

This is the fancy metal brush we've been using.

The foreman makes garden plans from the balcony.

Toby and the back of Beetle!

The foreman is really getting a lot of use out of the new rider mower attachment.

Paco gets a hug. Too bad I didn't get my arm out of the way!

Hugs along with carrot treats.

It is all about being fair- the donkeys check out the carrot portions! We also discovered today that they'll shun the end piece of the carrot...it isn't as good as the other pieces!

Weegie has such a distinctive stripe & cross down his back.

Paco is so happy to have a donkey friend to rest upon!