Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fresh Hay for Shedding Donkeys at The Lazy Vegan

Boulder plans out his day.
It was a day of getting hay and other supplies for the beloved animals of The Lazy Vegan today. There are two different feed stores that I alternate going to-- today I went to the one in Santa Rosa. At both feed stores when I order grass hay up at the register, they always ask what it is for...and I, of course, always answer "donkeys". I've been meaning to ask why they ask, and today I found out why. I was up at the counter with the dog & cat food getting ready to order my bales of hay and pine shavings. As soon as I ordered the grass hay, the man behind the register said "what is the hay for?" and I answered "donkeys". He then said- without skipping a beat - "do you eat them?" (!!!!!) I was so shocked I just stared at him before saying of course not, they're my pets, etc., etc. He explained that if you buy hay for cattle that are then going to be slaughtered- or any other animal, for that matter - then you are not charged any tax on the hay- but if you buy it for pets or any other use, you are. So now I finally know why they always ask the question. I asked him if people really ate donkeys around here and he just said that in some places they do. It was disturbing! When I got home and told Randy the story, he said to next time say that we do eat them so we can save some $$ in taxes (he was joking!).

Some fantastic news from Paul Shapiro, Senior Director, Factory Farming Campaign of The Humane Society of the United States:
Maine Becomes Sixth U.S. State to Ban Extreme Confinement
May 13, 2009
Maine Governor John Baldacci signed landmark legislation preventing two controversial factory farm confinement methods.
Effective January 1, 2011, the new law will prohibit gestation crates and veal crates—individual cages that virtually immobilize breeding pigs and veal calves for nearly their entire lives.
LD 1021 was sponsored by Senator John Nutting (D-Androscoggin County), Senate Chair of the Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee. It passed the committee and both chambers unanimously.
The Humane Society of the United States strongly backed the legislation.
"It's cruel and inhumane to confine animals in cages barely larger than their own bodies for months on end," said Katie Lisnik, Maine state director of The HSUS.
"We're grateful to Senator Nutting for his humane leadership on this important legislation and hope its enactment sends a message to other states that they should follow suit."

Apparently napping was one of Boulder's plans for the day.

This area used to be overgrown with grasses and weeds...but since that wonderful crew came last week, now it is all cleaned up. We even put out a table and chairs in the area where Boulder likes to hang out.

The foreman, a.k.a. the master gardener, at work.

Solo got a new toy from the feed store today. He's had these types of toys before, but there's nothing like a fresh clean brand new toy- all for himself!
I love this new plant the foreman got- and so do the hummingbirds!

The foreman picks at Paco's hoof. He discovered a jagged edge that the farrier had missed!

Ever since the coffee treat that Paco got, he's been very interested in any drink that comes into the pasture!

He was also interested in the camera today.

Carrot treat time without the dogs for a change.

Our new spot for a table.

I brushed the donkeys today and all of a sudden they are shedding like crazy! The pile below is a combination of Paco and Luigi hair. I put it out for the birds to use for building nests.

I love how the donkeys touch noses! They do it often during the day.

Bravo goes back to the vet tomorrow for a recheck. What fun. He had a bath today to get all spiffed up for his appointment.

Solo early in the morning when I first gave him his new toy.

How I started the day: strawberry & mango smoothie!