Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Great Day to Be a Bird at The Lazy Vegan

There seemed to be more birds than usual hanging out at The Lazy Vegan today. They all love to drink from the fountain (and from the donkey automatic waterer!). Boulder kept a short distance from most of the bird activity by his current favorite nap spot. In other news, today I checked out a doggie daycare where the terrier trio might try going to...I emailed the owner and told her that I had three Jack Russell terriers with "typical Jack Russell attitudes" and one with "special needs" (Solo) and I wanted to know if she thought I should try out doggie daycare one dog at a time or as a trio...she emailed back a bunch of info, including the fact that there's a Jack Russell named Daisy with a LOT of attitude and she comes a few times a week (she might be a good match for Bravo!). Anyway, first the dogs need to get their vaccines up to date before they can go socializing...we'll see what happens!
Getting a drink!

Squawking from a branch perch.

Meanwhile, not far away Boulder kept an eye on the birds...that is, when he wasn't sleeping!

And when he wasn't eating!

Boulder's very cute sleepy look.

It is hard to say how the pups would behave at doggie daycare. It could go great...or it could be a total disaster!

Maybe the donkeys would like to go to a donkey daycare!