Thursday, May 21, 2009

Homemade Ginger Ale & Mending Fences at The Lazy Vegan

My glass of homemade ginger ale. Poor Bravo wants some!
The exciting news at The Lazy Vegan is that I found a great recipe for homemade ginger ale...just in time for the holiday weekend! It calls for 2 cups of fresh chopped ginger which you then simmer in water & let sit for an hour so the water gets all "zingy"...and then add sugar and lime juice and sparkling water- YUM! This could become our signature Lazy Vegan drink for the summertime! Today was also spent fixing some "holes" in the donkey fencing. When we did our big rearrangment the other day some panels got broken where you fit them together. The foreman used strong outdoor rope to fix the broken parts and the donkeys were right at his side, helping him out!

It called for a lot of ginger!
You can see that I always have "help" in the kitchen.
It was a pretty easy recipe and I'm going to try it again soon. Ginger is very energizing, and since I still am not drinking coffee, ginger ale is a good substitute!

The donkeys help the foreman fix their fencing.

They're always very curious about anything new.

Weegie in particular was hanging around!

The foreman burnt the rope ends so they don't fray.

Paco supervises.
While Weegie goofs off!

With my funny Boulder.

Boulder gets up from his outdoor bed.

You have to admire Solo's patience at getting down the terrace steps...he thinks about it on the landing for a very long time before taking the plunge!

Early morning nap time.

Carrot treat time. Seems there's always a "time" for something around here!

Paco checks out the dog donkey toy!

Bravo is so intent on getting a carrot piece that he doesn't see that Paco is two inches away!
The first blackberry blossoms.

Boulder's other sleeping spot.
Morning cuddles (from yesterday).