Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Hot Saturday for All at The Lazy Vegan

Boulder stays cool in the tall grasses.
It was a HOT Saturday for everyone at The Lazy Vegan today, probably in the mid 90's...hot enough to seek the shade. I had a wedding to go to but the foreman wasn't feeling well and bowed out. So I went with Beetle. It was Beetle's first wedding (at least with me) and since he is all white, I parked far away so as to not upstage the bride. I've been calling Beetle "Beetler" lately. You (blog reader) may think I am nuts, but since I am a member of http://www.newbeetle.org/ I know I am not the only one out there crazy about my V.W.! In fact, I seem to only have a mild case of "the bug". Even so, I never thought I'd be having little conversations with my car as I drive!
when I saw Snap this morning for our run/bike ride, she brought me my belated Mother's Day gifts...it was like celebrating Mom's Day all over again! Randy immediately swiped my fancy garden tools from Patty, but I don't plan on sharing ANY of my vegan truffles from Snap!
Despite not feeling well, Randy managed this ridiculous smile.
Whoops- same photo twice. Very silly!

It was so hot that Boulder had to lie down beside his dinner before getting up to eat.

The beautiful newlyweds- Gary & Marion! The wedding was at Caz Sonoma Inn in Cazadero. I'd never been there before and it was beautiful- and luckily in the shade with huge trees.

The view from inside Beetle (a.k.a. "Beetler") on the dirt road to the inn. There were lots of little bridges to drive over and the setting is really cool.

Beetle and I get ready to leave for Cazadero. I washed Beetle and he looked great. I think he got dirty on the dirt road, though. I'm thinking that I need to invest in some holiday decorations for Beetle- some festive magnets to put on for special events.

After the wedding I came home to find the foreman giving the boys their carrots. In the photo above, Paco is EATING - or trying to- my vintage dress!! I had to pinch his nose to get him to release his grip.

Yep. That's my dress in his mouth.

I was oblivious to the fact that he was already nibbling in the photo above.

I'm rather pleased with this dress because I've had it for over a decade and I bought it at a thrift store for probably $10.00 - I can't remember exactly how much. It is vintage and came with a vintage full slip. I think it is the perfect wedding dress, so I'm glad that Paco didn't tear it- I plan on wearing it to the wedding we're having here in Sept.!

Not to go on and on about my outfit, but the necklace I'm wearing is exactly the same color as the dress- and it is a vintage button pendant!

Paco doesn't care about all the dress hoopla. He just wants more carrots and a hug! Weegie, smart as ever, was getting his share of the carrots!