Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Little Bit of Sunshine Returns to The Lazy Vegan

We had just a little bit of sunshine back at The Lazy Vegan today. Last night it poured and Boulder decided he had to go outside at 3:30 a.m. He INSISTED on it, so finally at one point I opened up the bedroom door and let him go out and just left the door open so he could let himself back in- and that's how I knew it was pouring out- I could hear it! Boulder has been good about sleeping "through the night" (he sounds like a baby) for a long time now- so I hope this isn't the start of something new, the getting up super early! Boulder plays with a dangling string. Look at those claws!

Always keeping his eyes on the target...
He is pretty cute when he plays- but it isn't any fun to get in the way of his paws!

The lazy, one-paw attempt at playing. I've started calling Boulder the "Futon Potato" because he spends so much time lounging on the futon upstairs.

While I had an open house today, the foreman worked on putting in a new door in one of the cabins. I found him at the saw when I returned.

Bird in the backyard of my open house! And at home, below.

Weegie was quite full of himself today. Here he gives the Weegie staredown.

And then, after staring he suddenly starts to be a goof- for no apparent reason!

Nice teeth!
A Weegie smile!

Paco had to charge in and do something impressive when he saw that Weegie was getting so much attention.

It didn't take long for mud to come back in the pasture...ugh!

It makes it harder to pick up the sweet grain pan when it is slippery.

Finally Paco manages it!

A male and female finch have been hanging out by the fountain.

Toby and Bravo immediately headed to the bed this morning for their after breakfast naps.
Bravo shows his appreciation by...uh, baring his teeth!