Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Moving Donkey Fencing & Wood Piles and Spotting a California King Snake at The Lazy Vegan

It was quite the work day at The Lazy Vegan today...you certainly couldn't call us "lazy"! We took advantage of the fact that Paul was coming to help out and the foreman immediately decided to rearrange the donkey fencing, something we've been talking about doing- pushing it down further so it doesn't crowd our big table. Each fence panel doesn't weigh that much- but when it is linked to many, it is a very different story! It is not an easy task- I am shocked that Randy and I were able to do it by ourselves one time. Having Paul to help made it a lot easier, but there were still some scary moments with two of us trying to hold up the entire fence line while the remaining person- usually the foreman- ran around making adjustments. The donkeys were safe in the corral during all of this! The whole job took almost 3 hours, and I have a sunburn to prove I was out that long, unfortunately! And after that we moved a wood pile with old hay and other nasty debris- I wasn't around when Paul & the foreman uncovered a momma mouse with a bunch of babies attached to her, nursing- she ran off with the babies attached to find a new shelter! Later in the day I was cleaning out the donkey hay feeder when I looked up to see a HUGE snake- the biggest I've ever seen- slither quickly by and down the pasture hill. No doubt he was searching for a new home, too. I later looked him up and it was definitely a California King Snake...big!
Part of the fence rearranging included using the foreman's fancy new truck chain for hauling. It worked pretty good.
Thank God Paul was here today. Otherwise I would have been in his position!
All of this work for our "low maintenance" donkeys!!!
Paul's change of shoes- I call them boats!
After all the outdoor work, Paul switched to painting the deck.

A lot of neighbors drove by and saw us in action. One of them wanted to know where the donkeys were!

Paul can lift one panel by himself. I was calling him a Super Hero.

At lunch time, Tim & Camille came by with their caterer to check out our site for their wedding!

I love taking photos under The Lazy Vegan sign!

The donkeys settle in to their somewhat revised surroundings.

Tim and the foreman discuss things.

Tim makes himself at home!

Logistics & planning, planning...

The caterer in the middle- she was very nice.

We had just finished the big donkey fencing job when they showed up.

The weary foreman!
The cute couple!