Monday, May 11, 2009

On the Mend at The Lazy Vegan - And Happy Birthday to Snap!

Happy Birthday to Snap!! Here she is, back in the day... here's to a very Happy Birthday and many more to come!
I'm back on the mend after the unwelcomed visit from the stomach flu- still felt weak all day and didn't do much of anything except nap and wander around the property with the pups and Boulder! I hung out with a hummingbird for a while by what we now call the "Hummingbird Cottage" (where I put the hummingbird stepping-stone that Snap gave me for my birthday- the hummers LOVE to hang out near there). This one hummingbird in particular was very brave and came very close to me. Unfortunately I was having problems with my camera, which I think is on the way out. But I got a few photos. The foreman was busy later in the day planting away- this is really his time of year! He put window boxes back up on the house in a new location and it looks great. And he took the boys for a walk- I'll post those photos on tomorrow's blog!
A deer in the meadow below us.
While the foreman is busy on a ladder planting in the window boxes, Toby hangs out with his toy on the window seat.
Bravo is on the mend, too- he goes for a check up with the vet later this week.

Not a bad place to lounge for a pup!

The foreman just never stops!

Lots of critters out and about today.

Can you spot the bee? He's as busy as the foreman!

New plant and citrus tree!

The brave little hummingbird.

Weegie waits for sweet grain.

The donkeys at the "scratching post" area.

Paco is a little annoyed that both the hay container and the sweet grain pan is empty!