Sunday, May 24, 2009

Playful Donkeys on the Day Before Memorial Day at The Lazy Vegan

The donks were in a long holiday weekend playful mood today! While Paul painted the exterior of the house and the foreman and I went to our open houses, the donkeys relaxed and ran around like crazy...they were really feeling their oats (or sweet grain!). I've been caught in the middle of play time before and it is rather scary...they really move around their weight quickly and it is easy to get thrown around! Nothing else new to report at The Lazy Vegan. Looking forward to another work-around-the-house day to celebrate Memorial Day tomorrow!
There's always a lot of hanging off one another's necks- and biting!

Weegie had quite the grip on Paco- yikes!

Paco got a chance to "fight" back.

Funny donkeys!

Boulder was a bit snarky today. He is very fussy about eating lately. He gets up about 4 times a night now and goes into the kitchen where his food is- sometimes I wake up and hear him eating. Thankfully, he doesn't beg to go out in the middle of the night any more...but he does wake up the foreman for attention- sometimes I wake up and hear the foreman talking to Boulder while Boulder purrs away!

I don't know why it is always a thrill to take a photo of a plane when one flies by.

Toby runs through the meadow on the side of the property that we will eventually fence to add to the donkey's pasture.

Just one step to go!

Heading toward the wild mustard.
Paul on the roof!
Paul and the foreman on the roof!

The vintage candy dishes I blabbed about on yesterday's blog posting...perfect for storing rings and other pieces of jewelry! The blue one with the handle I think is the oldest. The one on the left is from Russia. The remaining one is just old.