Friday, May 29, 2009

The Red-Orange Dragonfly Visits Again & Building "The Wall" at The Lazy Vegan

I love this dragonfly that has been hanging out a lot lately at The Lazy Vegan (could it be Dan again??). He or she just suddenly appears at different times of the day...today it was at lunch time when I went to check on the donkeys. He/she whizzes by and all I notice at first is a spot of brilliant red/orange. I was able to get close for some photos. During all this dragonfly activity, the working crew was laboring away, painting and building what we're now referring to as The Wall in the upstairs bathroom ("The Wall" because they've talked about it for a long time and now are finally actually building it!). I forgot some of the finer moments of living in a home during a remodel...while I was cooking dinner, sawdust from upstairs came sprinkling down through the slats of the upstairs floor and fell down on the stove below!
Beautiful color!! I love the eyes.
If you double click on the photos you can see more detail.

Paul oiled the clothesline today and suddenly it is like a work of art!

That's Paul on the roof, not the foreman...I have been teasing them because their work outfits are exactly the same.

Getting ready to build The Wall.

My weekly trip to the Nightengale Bread Bakery in Forestville...it is hard to resist!

The vegan dress shoes I ordered arrived in the mail today...perfect for weddings and other dressy events- most of my other vegan shoes are too clunky!

Paul visits the working crew and gets a pet from Paul and from the hammer!

Boulder and Bravo get ready to nap together.

My almost-twelve-years-old Solo!

Paul shows off his fine painting technique.

Another visit from Karina! She helped me make lunch.

It was some serious lounging time early this morning.

Weegie demonstrates his yoga move. This one is called "the donkey"!

Paco has really been a lazy little donkey at The Lazy Vegan lately!