Monday, May 18, 2009

Striking it Rich at The Lazy Vegan

The foreman puts the top of the new trellis on.
It was a much cooler day today, thankfully...and the foreman bought more items for the garden, including a beautiful tangerine colored rosh bush called "Strike it Rich!" I ordered my personalized license plate from the DMV for Beetle, a.k.a. "Beetler" and am very excited about it. Beetler has been getting a lot of attention on www.newbeetle.org , where I posted some photos of him. It is a great website because EVERYONE on it has named their Beetle. I fit right in! Anyway, there will be more about Beetle when his new plates arrive, which will be in 8-12 weeks- I have to go "surrender" the old plates at the DMV before getting his new plates. I think I'll have a party to celebrate!

The trellis (there are two of them) is for a new climbing rose the foreman bought.

Boulder happily dines outdoors.

The foreman inspects the garden.

Bringing in the new rose bushes.

Bravo has been trying to eat the strawberries!!

The "Iceberg" climbing white rose.
Poor Bravo cannot have any strawberries.

Strike it Rich bloom!

I love the color!

Paco likes it, too.

Toby helps water the plants.

The foreman should be using his rider mower hauling attachment for work like this.

Lounging donkeys in the morning.

Boulder moves from one napping spot to the other.

Photos from last night when it was hot, hot hot- the donkeys got to cool off with a walk!