Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sunshine, Rain, Clouds...a Bit of Everything at The Lazy Vegan

The donkeys were very happy to see the sun again!
We had a bit of rain, a bit of sun and some great clouds at The Lazy Vegan today. The donkeys got a chance to dry out and take dust baths (mud baths), and Boulder spent most of the day outdoors. Bravo has a funny bump near his nose that we've been keeping an eye on- and today it got bigger- so tomorrow I'll be calling the vet. Bravo seems to go to the vet every few months or so. I'm hoping this isn't anything serious (my first thought was a foxtail)...he acts completely normal, so that's good news. I'll probably take him to the vet in the truck since he gets car sick...I certainly don't want him hurling in the VW Beetle!
Paco seemed to think that since he had a few sips of coffee the other day, he could taste the foreman's beer!

But this time the foreman wasn't sharing!
You can't tell from this photo that Bravo's little snout is funny looking!

Solo overheard me talking about the vet and immediately got this worried little look. Of course, this is pretty much how he always looks!

I actually will have to make an appt. for him, too- he's due for his annual exam. It is just a barrel of fun around here!

The daisies are blooming.

Boulder loves the fresh air.

Napping by a nasty looking weed.

Quail on the cabin roof.

Playing around after carrot treat time.

A big squirrel on the chair!

One lone deer in the morning.

He/she didn't mind munching away while I took photos.